Simplify IT and Security

Control and secure all of your companys endpoints, servers, cloud services.


Small and medium-sized businesses have the capability to implement sound IT services and powerful data security measures. We understand that business needs vary, and so we provide diverse framework to help you reach maximum performance and efficiency.

In cloud computing, your data is technically stored in an external server. This ensures that your data is secure and that you can access your data, on demand, remotely provided that you have internet access and login credentials.

Essentially, cloud computing is a managed (externally) services which encompasses IT models such as software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) as well as infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Which solution is right for your business? Contact GeekTek for a services audit and learn how the cloud can benefit your business.

How You're Protected







GeekTek offers round-the-clock system surveillance, taking proactive measures for any detected concerns. This helps us provide secured services to our clients around the clock

We understand that all businesses are unique, and we combine the standard computing needs of small or mid-sized businesses to address the unique needs of your business.
We realize the importance of uptime in your business, and so always strive to provide a quick turnaround time for all your business operations.

What would happen if your business fell victim to hackers or your data was held ransom?  What are your vulnerabilities? Is your overall IT landscape managed and scaleable? It’s time to take a closer look.


The rules that you used to play by won’t serve you in this new world.  “Security through obscurity” is no longer an option and “being in the cloud” is not a security strategy.


As your interests grow, it becomes increasingly important to protect your financial data, customer information, medical records and intellectual property. A holistic security strategy and business continuity plans in case of a breach are must-haves as you scale. IT is critical to your business, and it needs to be managed.


GeekTek is an award-winning cybersecurity and IT services company supporting the evolving needs of growing industries. With around-the-clock support and enterprise-grade tools, GeekTek promises the most advanced protection in the industry. GeekTek’s national reach allows your IT and security to scale with your business.

GeekTek provides full-service on-site and remote IT solutions. Our technicians are highly skilled, experienced and are able to support all of our clients’ technology needs. We are on-call around the clock, and guarantee emergency response times with our Service Level Agreement (SLA). Clients can trust our team to not only respond and resolve technical issues, but to develop long-term technology roadmaps. As a client, your company will receive a custom-developed technology plan to meet your specific requirements.

Managed Cloud

GeekTek is a managed IT service provider. All client systems are managed through our central services, keeping systems up to date and businesses running smoothly. Through our proactive and reactive support services, our clients day-to-day IT needs are met with exceptional service levels.

IT Consulting

While managed IT services cover the majority of employee IT needs, businesses need IT to align with their business goals. GeekTek’s IT consultants help its clients achieve their goals through enlightened use of technology.


Our CIO services tie IT consulting and managed IT services together with strategic IT planning. Your dedicated CIO watches over your business IT usage and creates a technology roadmap to guide your businesses use of IT.

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